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Kenzie's Blog

Dear friends,


Thank you! I am incredibly honored and proud that our supporters across the district propelled this campaign into a strong first place finish! In a five-way preliminary election race, we won with over 50% of the vote.

I’m even prouder that we won each of the five neighborhoods in District 8. Across Mission Hill, Fenway, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the West End, our message about the need to bring people together to address our shared concerns -- such as affordability, climate change, public education, transportation, historic preservation, and daily quality of life -- has resonated with voters from all walks of life.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the campaign so far; I couldn’t have done it without you. This was a team effort and I can’t wait to keep talking to voters across the district with you all. Now, we have six weeks to organize for the general election. 


To kick-off the final six weeks of this campaign, we will be knocking doors in Back Bay this Saturday, September 28th at 2:00pm. RSVP here to let us know you’ll be joining.


Finally, a word about my former opponents. Montez Haywood, Kristen Mobilia, and Hélène Vincent are remarkable people who contributed serious ideas and highlighted urgent neighborhood priorities throughout the campaign. I was honored to run alongside each of them, and I know they will continue to bring so much to the district and our city.


With gratitude,


9/25 - THANK YOU!

Dear friends,


If you live in Mission Hill, Fenway, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the West End, we hope by now you’ve heard from us -- at your door, over the phone, through the mail, and by email. I’m running to represent our District 8 neighborhoods on the Boston City Council, and the September 24th preliminary election is in 18 days.


Now that Labor Day is past and we’re sprinting into fall, I wanted to reach out and share with you my letter about why I’m running for the District 8 City Council seat. I wrote this letter and mailed it back in June; if you didn’t get a copy, I hope you’ll read here about my background and the sense of urgency that propelled me into the race. I care deeply about the block-by-block fabric of our beloved urban neighborhoods, and also about tackling our community concerns such as housing affordability, transportation and traffic, climate change, parks and public spaces, and access to high-quality public education. Having helped organize the winning Community Preservation Act campaign in 2016 and had success with a series of policy efforts since, I know that I can be an effective advocate for our community. We need to keep our families and seniors among us, preserve our parks and historic treasures, and make a habit of taking action in the long-term public interest.


I’m excited that joining next year’s Council will mean serving with a group of smart and passionate Councilors who are changing the political fabric of the city. I was humbled to be mentioned among many of them in a recent Boston Globe column.


Read our coverage in the Boston Globe here.


I hope to earn your vote on September 24th.  And to make our vision of Boston a reality, we need your help to reach thousands of other voters before Election Day! Everything makes a difference, so any time you can give to the campaign is valuable.

I look forward to seeing you around District 8 -- all my thanks!


Kenzie Bok

9/7 - The Election is September 24th!

9/2 - Announcing Two Labor Day Endorsements!

Dear friends,


Happy Labor Day! I hope it was marked by time with family and friends, a rest from your labors, and a sense of gratitude for all the working people who have stood by one another and helped improve our collective conditions over many years.


Before it comes to a close, we're marking the day with a dual announcement: I'm honored to have earned the endorsements of the UAW (Region 9A), which represents many academic workers in District 8, and the Massachusetts Nurses Association, which represents local nurses such as those on the maternity ward at Brigham & Women's Hospital (where I was born).  

One of the defining features of District 8 is the presence of large hospital and university institutions from Mission Hill to the West End. These are some of Boston's biggest employers, so it's critical that they be good employers. As David Scharfenberg wrote in the Boston Globe this weekend, saving the middle class in Boston and beyond is going to depend on strong union organizing by professional workers at institutions like these. I'm proud to support those efforts, and thrilled to earn the support of UAW and MNA for my campaign!


As of tonight, we're turning the corner into the September sprint -- please join us for whatever hours you can give in the run-up to September 24th and sign-up to help Team Kenzie during GOTV!


In solidarity and gratitude,



Dear friends,


I’m writing to ask you to pull out your calendars, look one month ahead, and donate some of your time to help me and our campaign on Election Day -- Tuesday, September 24th -- and in the days immediately beforehand.


As of today, we are less than one month from the preliminary election. The past few months have been a whirlwind of door-knocking, phone calls, endorsements, and fundraising. We’re running a strong campaign, with thanks to all of you, and over the next month we will continue to ramp up our voter contact. But nothing our campaign does to contact and persuade voters counts unless those voters come to the polls on Election Day. And turnout for municipal elections like this is typically far too low.


That’s why we call the four days right before the election “GOTV”, or Get Out the Vote, when we become entirely focused on making sure that everyone we’ve talked to makes it to the polls on Election Day. These are some of the most important days in the entire campaign and we need everyone’s help to get us past this finish line and into the runoff on November 5th.


If you can take Tuesday, September 24th off to help us, please do! And if you have any time to give between Friday, September 20th and Tuesday, September 24th, you’ll make a huge difference to our campaign. No matter how much time you have -- a couple hours or four full days! -- we’ll have something for you to do. We need people to make phone calls, knock on doors, pass out literature, put up signs, poll check on Election Day, and more.


Click here to let us know when you’re available and how you’d like to help out.

8/25 - One Month Away - Help us Get Out The Vote

I am so grateful for all the support I’ve received from friends, neighbors, and residents throughout District 8, and I’m excited to work with you to win the September 24th election.


I hope to see you soon on the campaign trail!




8/16 - It's been a great week on Mission Hill!


Dear friends,


Over the past week I’ve gotten to spend lots of time in Mission Hill talking to voters and hearing their concerns about affordability, institutional expansion, and community preservation. On Thursday, I enjoyed the incredible Tito Puente concert at the Mission Hill Playground, co-sponsored by the Mission Hill-based Sociedad Latina, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.


Saturday, I was proud to rally and canvass Mission Hill with Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz and Local 26 UNITE HERE. Sen. Chang-Diaz has been an amazing advocate for Mission Hill and reforming our education funding formula up at the State House, and I am honored to stand with Local 26 UNITE HERE as they continue the fight for workers’ rights. Thank you to all the Mission Hill supporters who came out and joined us -- we knocked the entire neighborhood in one morning!

Then later this week, I was honored to speak at a gathering for my campaign at the Puddingstone Tavern, organized by many community leaders of Mission Hill. I am so thankful for all your support; it was great to see so many Mission Hill neighbors and friends in one space!

This upcoming week we’ll be talking to voters in other neighborhoods around the district! I know it’s the dog days of August, but our campaign never rests, and we could really use your help. And please, if you can, support the campaign financially as well. As the September 24th election approaches, we need to make sure we can pay for everything we need to get the word out! Much gratitude to those of you who have already given generously.


I look forward to seeing you this week!


With many thanks,


7/26 - Campaigning and Dreaming Together


Dear friends,


I hope the summer is treating you well! Here on the campaign, we're hard at work door-knocking, phone-banking, and attending lots of events. Let us know if you can help! Canvass sign-ups are here and phone-banks -- on both Beacon Hill and Mission Hill -- are here. This weekend we will be knocking Back Bay on Saturday at 10am and 1pm and Beacon Hill on Sunday at 11am and 2pm.


On Tuesday, July 30th, from 5:30-7PM, some of our fantastic supporters from the Ward 4 Democratic Committee are hosting an ice cream social in the Fenway on behalf of my campaign. See the invite below and come if you can -- I'd love to see you there! RSVP here or to:


Thinking back to last week, one event has really stuck with me, because of all that it means to me. I'm on the board of the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA), and last Thursday we gathered more than 900 Bostonians to celebrate a new $3.8 million city pilot program (ONE+ Boston) that will make it easier for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home in the city. As you can read in today's Boston Globe, the difficulty of taking that first step on the housing ladder in Boston right now is a major factor in our huge, enduring racial wealth gap, and it's making it difficult for many of our urban neighborhoods to keep families in our community. In District 8, for example, Mission Hill now has the lowest homeownership rate of any neighborhood in the city.

The program we launched last week isn't just meaningful to me because its goals are so crucial, but also as a sign of hope for what we can do with a spirit of shared determination. Only a few years ago, I was in the classrooms and church basements where we began to hatch this idea. MAHA was seeing too many of the first-time homebuyers it serves forced to purchase well outside Boston, and the congregations of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), where I helped lead the Housing team, were losing too many of our members to the same forces. Supporting affordable homeownership opportunities is expensive, however, and there were very scant resources available for that purpose on both the city and state levels. So in the winter of 2016, we came up with a multi-step plan: 1) Join together with allies to pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston, to generate more funds for affordable housing, parks, and historic preservation; 2) Push for some of the new CPA money to go to an affordable homeownership pilot; 3) Over five years, enable 1000 new first-time home-buyers to buy houses in Boston.


Throughout 2016, we did every type of organizing to make sure that CPA did pass in November -- with 74% of the vote! I was honored to draft the CPA implementation ordinance in 2017, and then we moved on to step 2. MAHA and GBIO researched programs in other cities that have given families better access to the housing stock, brainstormed how to augment our existing state programs for first-time homebuyers, and collaborated with the city on the details. On Thursday, all that work culminated in this wonderful announcement!


Now we're on to step 3. The truth is, $3.8 million alone can't seed first-time home-buyer opportunities for a thousand Boston families. But I know we'll get there -- and I'm so encouraged by this example of how our communities can come together to identify the intervention we need and bring it from dream to reality. I'm running for City Council to help make more of that happen every day, in partnership with all of you.


But first, in order to do more of this work: ice creamphone-banks, doors.  See you on the trail!




Right to the City Vote is a coalition of community advocates working hard to achieve housing justice in Boston for low-income people and communities of color. By backing Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Suffolk County D.A. Rachael Rollins, and Councilor Lydia Edwards over the past two years, this coalition has already made a huge difference in Boston's political life. I'm thrilled to count them as allies and friends. In my work as an involved community member and at the Boston Housing Authority, I have advocated policies to promote economic justice and racial equity, and I am eager to fight alongside the Right to the City Vote coalition to ensure Boston is a city where all people can thrive.


The Boston Ward 4 Democratic Committee works for the election of progressive Democrats and for public policies that are important to the neighborhoods in their ward, including parts of Back Bay and Fenway, through grassroots political engagement. I am honored to earn the support of these community leaders and to work with them to promote social justice, leadership accountability, and broad community involvement in local politics.


I am very excited to be earning the endorsements of community groups like these throughout the district. As the campaign builds momentum throughout the summer, we continue to knock doors and call voters, and we would love to have your help! Because of the extreme heat in Boston this weekend, we’ll be phone-banking rather than door-knocking, join us!


Thank you for your continued support!




7/19 - Ward 4 and Right to the City Endorsement

Dear Friends,


It’s been a banner week. I am extremely proud to announce that I have recently received the endorsement of Right to the City Vote and the Boston Ward 4 Democrats!

I’m thrilled to have MWPC’s support for my candidacy. Many of the economic justice issues I’ve been working on at the Boston Housing Authority and as a citizen over the past few years have the greatest impact on women-led households, so I look forward to continuing to champion those causes on the City Council.


As I run this race, I’m personally inspired by a family legacy of women who have reset social expectations at every turn. My grandmother broke ceilings in education, law, and business that weren’t even glass -- they were thick, opaque, permanent-looking ceilings and she blasted through them anyways. So it means a lot to me to be part of a movement of women now, on the Boston City Council and beyond, who are showing what it means for women to govern.  


One traditional challenge for women candidates is raising money; please GIVE TODAY to help us continue to fund a robust campaign!


And if you can join us on the phones or on the doors, let us know!




7/10 - MWPC Endorsement


Dear friends,


I just got the news that I’ve been endorsed by the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus!

For 243 years running, every year since 1776, the Declaration of Independence has been read in Boston from the same Old State House balcony. I think it's notable that on July 4th we don't actually commemorate the accomplishment of national independence -- what we celebrate is the moment of declaring our intention to honor a set of values in our common life together. It strikes many of us this year how unfulfilled that intention is -- how words about 'inalienable rights' clash with the reality of migrants penned in unsafe conditions at our border, for example. We can't brush by such hypocrisy -- we can only be glad that our day of patriotic celebration has embedded within it the words to call us to account.

I imagine what it must have been like in the years immediately after the American Revolution to watch the Declaration of Independence be read at the Old State House beneath the lion and the unicorn, symbols of a defeated empire that still threatened to reconquer the land. Or for black Americans to watch the proceedings at the 75th anniversary, when slavery remained legal -- a hypocrisy so eloquently decried by Frederick Douglass. Or for a woman to stand in the crowd at the 125th anniversary, still deprived of the vote, and hear 'all men are created equal'. Or for an immigrant to muse at the 175th over American hostility to the anti-colonial movements of that day. This is a chastening litany -- we have never lived up to our own declared intentions.

That's why, in the midst of the pomp and circumstance, I made yesterday a true festival of democracy by knocking some doors of my fellow citizens. America only changes when we talk with one another about the gap between our values and our reality, and we build movements to overcome that gap. I believe that even from the local level of city council, we can sow the seeds of greater justice and equality in our common life, and I'm excited to do that work with you.


With thanks,


7/19 - Ward 4 and Right to the City Endorsement

Dear Friends,


It’s been a banner week. I am extremely proud to announce that I have recently received the endorsement of Right to the City Vote and the Boston Ward 4 Democrats!

Public transit is a public good, so I'm proud that we'll be rallying in another of District 8's great public assets – the Boston Common – to say that we must join together and act in the public interest for the sake of transit justice and investment in our region's future. Then on Monday morning, July 1st, we’ll be talking to commuters at every T stop to build collective power for that action. You’ll find me (and can join us!) on Monday morning 7/1 outside Copley Station, where trains from every corner of District 8 meet.

Can you join us? If you can come for Sunday’s rally and/or Monday’s morning commute, let us know. You can spend Monday morning talking to fellow commuters on your own route, or at a T stop convenient to you, or you can join me at Copley! 

As a community, we have the power to demand that our leaders at the State House change the trajectory of the MBTA through accelerated investment in improving and expanding its service, funded by broad-based revenue that, rather than disproportionately burdening low-income riders, acknowledges public transit as a public good that truly benefits our whole society. We need safe, efficient, and affordable public transportation to unlock opportunity, spur our economy, and enable people of all incomes to live, work, and play in Boston. Let’s save the rollercoasters for the amusement park!



6/29 - T  Party


Dear friends,


I love rollercoasters – so much that I’ve spent five of my thirty birthdays at amusement parks. I love the thrill of sudden starts and stops, the sensation of the cart appearing to fly off the tracks, the uncertainty about what the journey will be like.

None of these are qualities I look for, however, when I step onto public transportation. Our MBTA system is the central nervous system of Boston’s District 8 – from Roxbury Crossing to Charles MGH, from Kenmore to Copley to Park St – and it should reliably and routinely get us where we need to go. Instead, derailments and fires and delays are increasingly making every T journey into a rollercoaster ride – disrupting our lives, leaving the most vulnerable stranded, and discouraging people from using the system.

As Boston grows, every transit trip helps us fight climate change and reduce traffic, and we know transit mobility is deeply connected to real social mobility. We should be doing everything we can to improve public transportation and incentivize its use – including moving towards a free system, not imposing the fare hikes that will go into effect on Monday and threaten to decrease ridership still further. So tomorrow, for my actual 30th birthday, I’ll be joining citizens and elected officials from across our region for a #BostonTParty at Park St Station on Sunday, June 30th at 1pm.

6/27 - Abby Birthday 

Dear friends, 

30 years ago on June 30, my sister Kenzie was born -- in District 8, as a matter of fact, at Brigham & Women’s. Please join us tonight to celebrate her big birthday! We'll be at Lir Restaurant at 903 Boylston St in Boston from 6pm to 8pm. RSVP HERE.
While from my perspective, the fun only really got started when I showed up about two years after Kenzie, I can confirm that the last 30 years have been very worth celebrating. 

 As you know, my big sister is passionate (and compassionate), fiercely intelligent, and extremely capable, all qualities that will make her an incredible City Councilor for District 8. I hope you can join us tonight not just to raise a glass to Kenzie on the occasion of her 30th birthday, but also to help us raise critical funds for this campaign. Kenzie has so much momentum and energy behind her -- it's been incredible to see this community come together around her campaign. Whether or not you can join us tonight, please join in the celebration and donate to Kenzie's campaign today so we can reach every voter in the district and put her on the City Council to work tirelessly for Boston’s future.
I hope to see you there,

6/24 - Birthday and Canvass Follow-up

Dear Friends,

This weekend we knocked the doors of OVER 2500 VOTERS with an incredible group of volunteers who spent Saturday and Sunday fanning out across Mission Hill, Fenway, Back Bay AND Beacon Hill -- all in one weekend! Not to forget the West End, we met with voters there last night. We couldn’t be more thankful to those who came out and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate knocking the whole district than my birthday party this Thursday!

This campaign is successful because of supporters like you, so I hope to celebrate with you on Thursday. It means the world to me to have you by my side in this campaign for the future of Boston.

See you there,

P.S. My actual birthday is Sunday, June 30th (I turn 30 on June 30th!), and at 1pm that day I’m joining Councilor Michelle Wu and others for a #BostonTParty, where we’ll prep for a morning of action on Monday, July 1st when the #UnfairHikes come into effect for T riders. Our district depends on reliable public transportation -- from Kenmore to Copley to Park St, Roxbury Crossing to Charles/MGH and everywhere in between.  If you are able to lend a hand on June 30th or the morning of July 1st, join me in fighting for accessible public transportation throughout the city. 

6/12 - Pride Thank You

Dear Friends,

I had an incredible day at Pride on Saturday celebrating LGBTQ+ rights and being a part of the largest Pride Parade that Boston has ever witnessed! It felt like the whole city was there -- from the kids of The Learning Project, to the congregants of Old South Church, to the supporters of Fenway Health, to the hotel-workers of Local 26. The sky was as blue as our signs, and it was amazing to march through the district with a group of great supporters behind me and to see so many friends along the way. Check out our photo album here!

I am so thankful for the wonderful group of volunteers who turned out and waited for our turn to march, undeterred by the hot sun -- and for my friend Phil, one of the best independent LGBT shopowners in the city (of On Centre), who picked out the perfect rainbow skirt for me from his stock and drove it to my house the night before!  

The September 24th preliminary election is only a few months away and the most important thing the campaign can be doing right now is talking to voters in every corner of the district. I have been out knocking doors every day, but to ensure that voters throughout the district have heard from the campaign multiple times before September 24th, we need your help!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Many thanks,


6/3 - Pride

Dear friends,
Some family stories set a mark we have to try to live up to.  When my grandfather passed away, a woman whom he had mentored at his law firm told us such a story. In the early 1980s, one of the firm's employees was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. At the time many mistakenly feared that the then-fatal diagnosis could spread through casual contact, so people were frequently fired and ostracized as soon as their illness became known. My grandfather, however, went a different route: he and his law partner convened the firm's entire staff to hear from a leading AIDS educator, supported the employee throughout his final months of life, and sat in the front row at the man's funeral.
This story has stuck with me as a model for myself of what it means to be an ally. Meanwhile, the same woman who witnessed these events as a young lawyer went on to write the 2003 Goodridge decision that legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts. I remember the hostile debate that raged over that decision, and it's deeply encouraging to think how far we have come as a state since. Having grown up amidst the strong LGBTQ+ community of Bay Village, I've seen those neighbors and friends recognized more and more as the community leaders that they always were. LGBTQ+ folks have been my teachers, my coaches, my mentors, and my priests.
But that story of a counter-cultural response to AIDS also reminds me how badly we can fail one another when we succumb to fear and prejudice. Hatred kills; the LGBTQ+ Pride events that we'll be celebrating this month emerged in defiant response to state-sanctioned violence at Stonewall and elsewhere. Now Pride is a triumphant festival in Boston, but we need to stay attentive to all those still pushed to the margins, including people whose sexual orientations and identities intersect with their race or immigration status to make them particularly vulnerable to violence and exclusion. As citizens and as elected officials, we need to find in the stories of the past the resolve to demonstrate moral courage in the present.
That's why I'm so glad to be marching as an ally in Pride this Saturday, June 8th, 12-4PM, past the steps of my own Trinity Church -- which is blessed with leadership by so many LGBTQ+ Christians -- and through District 8 to our local halls of power, at the State House and City Hall. We need the lessons of this movement now more than ever. I hope you will join me.
See you there,


5/30 - Public Spaces/Memorial Day

Dear Friends -

This Memorial Day weekend, we remembered those who have died on behalf of our country and our way of life.  I spent the whole weekend cherishing two aspects of that way of life: our democratic process, and the public spaces we make to share together.  Between knocking doors and asking neighbors for their votes each day, I checked out the newly-reopened Alfond Memorial Spray Area for kids and families in the West End, visited the display of flags in the Common, strolled down the Esplanade to sail at Community Boating, and toured the Fenway Victory Gardens -- a legacy of how civilian community responded to the crisis of war, and now an oasis in the heart of the city.  The weekend ended with watching in City Hall Plaza as the Bruins won a thrilling first game of the Stanley Cup.
These treasured public spaces are the physical embodiment of the urban community we fashion every day in Boston, free to all but made by investments of our time, wealth, and loving attention.  As the City Councilor for District 8, I’m going to be a champion every day for our public spaces and for the vibrant community life that happens in them and sustains them.

We need your help to continue to preserve and grow our public spaces and strengthen our urban communities so Boston can be a city for everyone to enjoy.


5/20: Michelle Wu Endorsement 


Dear Friend,


There’s much at stake for Boston in this fall’s elections. In this moment of tremendous consequence for our city and country, we need leaders who can match bold vision with urgent action, connecting the big picture with the details to get it done.


I’m all in for Kenzie Bok as Boston’s next District 8 City Councilor.


Kenzie is stepping up to represent Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Mission Hill, and the West End—a district home to all the major sectors driving Boston’s economy, as well as the gaping income inequality and climate vulnerability that we must urgently confront. We need a partner in this seat who can engage civic groups, activists, and institutions to support a community where everyone has access to opportunity.


Kenzie will have a running start, with her experience working in City Hall and the Boston Housing Authority, and as someone who loves getting into the weeds of thoughtful policy-making. I know firsthand through long email exchanges and conversations that she’s always ready to dive into the details and offer creative solutions.


Most of all, I’m with Kenzie because her heart is in grassroots organizing. On the community side, she has been a partner in every progressive charge and led the way for civic engagement to drive policy as Chair of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee and a key member of the coalition to pass the Community Preservation Act. More than anything else, we need leaders in this moment who can build trust with and empower every community.


Will you join me to stand with Kenzie?


Tomorrow night, several community organizations are coming together to host a District 8 Candidate Forum at 6:30pm, and I’m excited for voters to hear directly about her vision and goals. Please join me at a rally with Kenzie tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21st, from 5:30-6:00pm before the forum starts to greet attendees and give her a great boost going in! The rally will take place outside the forum at the Berklee College of Music, 160 Massachusetts Ave, Boston MA, 02115. Doors open at 6:00pm.


Thanks for all that you do.


Michelle Wu

Boston City Councilor At-Large

5/17 - Local 26

Dear Friends,
I was hugely honored earlier this week to earn the endorsement of Boston At-Large Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George, whose budget scrutiny process I ran back in 2016.  She's a role model for me of the passion, energy, and hard work it takes to be an effective City Councilor.  Annissa will be making remarks to kick off a canvass for me tomorrow, Saturday May 18th, at noon on Beacon Hill. If you can possibly join us, please sign up! It should be beautiful weather for walking and talking with neighbors, which is how we're going to win this race.
I'm now thrilled to share that UNITE HERE Local 26, the Boston-area hotel and food workers union, just endorsed me this morning!  This 10,000-member union is one of the most diverse and politically powerful organizations in the City of Boston, and 2000 of their inspiring, hardworking members work in District 8.  They're the beating heart of our local economy.  Back in 2016 we partnered together to pass the Community Preservation Act, and I'm looking forward to working with them to increase affordable housing and create great job opportunities across District 8.
Looking forward to winning this campaign and giving my all to Boston, with your help,

Dear Friend:


When I asked Kenzie Bok to join my ​​team as my budget director in 2016 it was because I admired her passion for the work of City government, her intelligent grasp of policy, and her commitment to serving her community. Today, I'm proud to endorse her candidacy for District 8 City Council. I know that all those traits, combined with her impressive experience, make her the best possible person for the job!


I know Kenzie will be an important partner on the work we've done together -- bringing more resources to the Boston Public Schools, keeping families in the city, standing up for our most vulnerable residents, asking our large institutions to pay their fair share in PILOT towards essential City services, strengthening our local business districts, and tackling the quality of life issues that impact you every day.


In her time at the Boston Housing Authority over the past two years, Kenzie has been a great ally in my work on behalf of homeless families. She has earned my support because she has the policy experience, the work ethic, and the heart to be a great councilor for District 8.​ ​I'm proud to represent Boston on the City Council, and I will work hard to make sure Kenzie gets elected so we have a partner in this work.



Annissa Essaibi-George

Boston City Councilor At-Large

5/14 - Annissa Essaibi-George Endorsement

4/24: signing papers


Hi again! 


It's been an incredible few weeks since Kenzie announced her campaign, and I wanted to give you an update on all the exciting campaign milestones so far. 

  • Energetic campaign kickoff: 150+ friends and neighbors helped Kenzie launch her campaign at the kickoff party on April 11. It was so great to see supporters from all across the district, and beyond!

  • Great fundraising momentum: Through the support of a broad base of 230+ donors, the campaign had an extremely successful first two weeks of fundraising, establishing Kenzie as a competitive candidate in this race. Thank you to everyone who has supported Kenzie's campaign so far! We are so inspired by your warmth, generosity, and enthusiasm. We need to keep up this momentum to build our critical campaign infrastructure. So if you haven't yet donated, show your support for Kenzie and donate today!

                                                                                     Donate Now

  • First canvass event scheduled:  Please join Kenzie on Saturday, May 4th to knock doors in Mission Hill and collect signatures to get on the ballot!  Sign up here.

Papers officially filed: On Friday, Kenzie officially filed her papers, registering her candidacy to represent District 8 on Boston City Council!   

The campaign is off to such a strong start, and we couldn't have done it without this community of supporters. Once again: Thank you! 


Yes We Kenzie!


4/04 - Im Running!

Dear friends near and far,


I’m running for Boston City Council!


Last Friday I joined the race for the open District 8 seat on the Boston City Council, which represents the West End, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Kenmore, Fenway, Audubon Circle, and Mission Hill.


You can read our press release in Sampan here, and the Boston Guardian story is attached to this email.


As I run this race, I would love to have your support.  Please go to to sign up for the mailing list and find other ways to help.  And feel free to call me on my cell (617-910-0655) with any questions or to chat about the race. 


For those of you in Boston, we’re having a Campaign Kickoff on Thursday, April 11, 6-8pm at Lir in the Back Bay (903 Boylston St.).  RSVP on Facebook here, or email to say you can come!


Why city council?  Over the past few years, I’ve been doing what I can to make our city a better place for all.  In 2016 I helped run the successful campaign to pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston, which secured more funds for affordable housing, historic preservation, and open space.  Some of that money has already gone to restoring historic buildings like the Vilna Shul on Beacon Hill, investing in open space like Charlesgate Park, and creating subsidized artist housing in Mission Hill.  The people and institutions of this district have nurtured me my whole life, and I would love the chance to work with neighbors and friends to make sure that each corner of it is getting the care that it needs.


I’m also deeply concerned with citywide matters like affordable housing.  Most recently, I’ve been working full-time in policy & planning at the Boston Housing Authority on long-term strategies for preserving housing units for the lowest-income Bostonians.  I think we need bold, collaborative, solutions-oriented leadership from the City Council on issues from addressing the housing crisis, to educating Boston’s children, to responding to climate change, and I think my experiences will allow me to be effective in that role.


I’m looking forward to the campaign ahead, and I hope to earn your support!


With thanks,

Kenzie Bok


Mailing Address: c/o CTE Kenzie Bok, PO Box 140385, Charles St Station

Boston, MA 02114

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