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An Inclusive City

Our Immigrant Communities


Kenzie believes that the city is meant to be a welcoming home to all, and that Boston has for generations been built up by the contributions of immigrant and marginalized communities. To that end, Kenzie strongly supports the TRUST Act, to ensure that our police can focus on public safety and our immigrant neighbors don’t have to live in fear of city resources being deputized by ICE. Kenzie also supports the creation of municipal IDs and the provision of state driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status. Having mentored a DACA student at the college level herself, she also wants to see better supports for undocumented children in Boston Public Schools. 


Kenzie has been extensively involved in the work of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) and is committed to supporting Boston’s Muslim community as an integral part of the city’s tapestry of faiths and traditions.


Kenzie is also strongly in favor of robust language access policies to ensure that city residents are being heard in our community processes regardless of their native language.


LGBTQ+ Equality and Racial Equity


Kenzie was lucky to grow up in a neighborhood, Bay Village, which has benefited enormously from the leadership of the LGBTQ+ community, and she believes passionately in Boston being a city where LGBTQ+ relationships and identities are honored and celebrated. This role also means that Boston must take on responsibility for being a safe haven -- which requires, for example, more investment in programs to house homeless LGBTQ+ youth.


For the city to be truly inclusive, Kenzie believes that we need to routinely apply the lenses of racial and economic equity to every issue that involves investment of resources or differential impact -- from housing to schools to park access. She is dismayed by how few city contracts go to women and minority-run enterprises, and supports legislation to bring more racial equity to the contracting process. She also supports improving access to the cannabis industry for the communities of color that were most negatively impacted by differential enforcement of America’s drug laws.


At MAHA, where Kenzie serves on the board, a major mission focus is to build affordable homeownership in order to reduce Boston’s stark racial wealth gap. She is proud to have helped lay the groundwork for the innovative new ONE+Boston Mortgage pilot program just announced by the city in conjunction with MAHA, GBIO, and MHP, which should make homeownership accessible to more first-time buyers in Boston.

Civic Engagement & the Idea of the Public Good


As a former weekly Civics teacher in the Boston Public Schools, Kenzie believes strongly in civic education and civic engagement. She is deeply proud of the way that the Community Preservation Act campaign brought together a broad coalition of stakeholders to show the power of collective action for the good of our community. As a city councilor, Kenzie would dedicate herself to supporting community activism and encouraging civic engagement in the public goods we build together in the city -- from public libraries and public parks, to public transit and public streets, to public schools and public housing.


Mailing Address: c/o CTE Kenzie Bok, PO Box 140385, Charles St Station

Boston, MA 02114

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