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For All Generations: Schools and Seniors

Keeping families in Boston is vitally important to Kenzie. Aside from housing affordability, another key factor for families is access to quality public schools. Kenzie taught a weekly Civics class in the Boston Public Schools throughout college, and gained detailed knowledge about school-level budgeting in Boston during her time as Budget Director for At-Large Councilor Annissa Essaibi George. She has long been in favor of universal pre-K, extended learning time, and smaller class sizes. She also believes that District 8, which currently lacks a public elementary school, needs more of a foothold in the city’s public school system. As a city councilor, Kenzie will push for:


  • Speedy roll-out of Boston’s commitment to universal high-quality pre-kindergarten early education, a policy which has been shown to significantly help close the opportunity gap and will also keep more families in the city.

  • A plan to bring one or more elementary schools to District 8; city data shows that Fenway and Back Bay are particularly lacking in access to nearby public elementary schools. Kenzie will support the existing serious community proposals for schools in the Fenway and the West End, and will actively look for opportunities to secure an appropriate building in Back Bay or Beacon Hill. The expansion of early education city-wide is also a perfect opportunity to provide new public school seats at a small scale in District 8 and thereby demonstrate the community need for these seats.

  • Broader implementation of extended learning time, so that more of our schools can benefit from a policy that has been shown to work at Boston’s pilot schools.

  • Reduction in the 10% of the BPS budget ($100+ million) that is spent on transportation, and reinvestment of those resources in pursuing smaller class sizes.

  • Greater equity in school budgeting. Kenzie has already worked to ensure that the basic support services our students need to succeed and our teachers need in order to focus on teaching -- such as school nurses, librarians, psychologists, etc. -- are provided at every Boston Public School.

  • A commitment to teacher-led schools that put student learning first, rather than top-down bureaucratic approaches.

  • Efforts at the State House to secure more equitable education funding through the PROMISE Act, including greater allocations to support Boston’s many English Language Learners and low-income students.

Helping Seniors Age in Place


Kenzie feels strongly that the seniors who helped build our urban communities need to be able to stay here, and that the dense life of the city can be a wonderful way to combat the risks of loneliness and isolation in old age. To that end, she will strongly advocate for:


  • Street designs that prioritize senior safety, including through longer crossing times and keeping vehicles of all kinds off the sidewalk.

  • A downtown community center to serve as a hub for senior programming and community building

  • Increased investment in the Age Strong shuttle service, not only for rides to medical appointments but also community events.

  • City partnership to support and enhance the work of strong senior-focused local organizations like Beacon Hill Village, the Peterborough Senior Center, the Mission Hill Senior Legacy Project, and the Mission Hill Health Movement.

  • Greater investment by area hospitals in home-visit-based social service and routine healthcare provision.

  • Strong protections and standards for area home-care workers.

  • Property tax accommodations and rent increase limitations for seniors to make it easier for them to stay in their homes on fixed incomes.


Mailing Address: c/o CTE Kenzie Bok, PO Box 140385, Charles St Station

Boston, MA 02114

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