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Climate Change & Transportation

Climate Change & Energy Policy


Kenzie believes that, for the city to actually live up to its plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we need to start taking bold and consistent action now. Kenzie supports efforts to move Boston’s energy infrastructure away from natural gas, including through robust implementation of the Community Choice energy ordinance. She supports investing further city capital funds in retro-fitting Boston’s historic housing stock to reduce emissions within the building envelopes we treasure, even as we must also institute a building code for new buildings that imposes more rigorous climate-related requirements.


Meanwhile, as Boston invests in flood defenses and resiliency measures, it must do so in ways that also bring down emissions -- such as through floodable green space. Indeed, our need for resilient infrastructure presents a perfect opportunity to invest in public space along the harbor that can be used by all Bostonians, even as it also protects the entire city. As Kenzie has learned from her work to ensure that public housing tenants have a voice in the redesign of Moakley Park, it is also important to ensure that all climate resilience plans keep our most vulnerable residents in mind.


Traffic & Transportation


Kenzie believes that public transit is a vital public good, and she will push for serious investment in the MBTA at the state level, along with more governance control for Boston. Citywide, the MBTA is key for both social and economic mobility and for our climate future. In District 8 specifically, the MBTA serves as our central nervous system, and we need it to be safe, reliable, and affordable. Kenzie supports the construction of the Red-Blue connector from Bowdoin St to Charles/MGH.


Kenzie also supports rapid bus lanes and protected bike lanes for major corridors, other key components of moving an increased number of Bostonians around the city without allowing traffic to continue to build. Street infrastructure that is clearly designed for multiple modes helps to keep all those modes safe -- it will prevent tragic bicycle fatalities, and also enhance pedestrian safety by keeping two-wheel vehicles off the sidewalk. We need to really invest in making the city’s ‘Vision Zero’ commitment a reality.


Traffic represents lost time for the residents of District 8, but the superfine particles it generates also represents a serious health risk to those living near highways, including many residents of District 8. The majority of tail pipes in downtown Boston each day come from outside the city; Kenzie would be committed to exploring congestion pricing and other ways to protect local residents by reducing the number of car trips taken into the heart of the city. She is also in favor of robust public investment in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging on city streets so as to make it more feasible for Boston drivers to switch to electric vehicles.


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