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Public Health & Public Safety

Public Safety and Policing


Kenzie is in favor of increased multi-modal community policing, with more bicycle and foot patrols and further investment in relationship-building between our police officers and the neighborhoods they serve. Kenzie also wants to see more resources directed to solving our high number of unsolved non-fatal shootings.


Kenzie supports efforts to get the State Police to grant policing authority over areas like the Bowker Overpass to the Boston Police Department, so as to avoid interagency policing failures. 


Kenzie is also in favor of a strong civilian review board to ensure police accountability, and a permanent commitment to police body cameras. 


Combating Gun Violence 


While Kenzie was teaching Civics in the Boston Public Schools, one of her 14-year-old students became the victim of a fatal shooting. Kenzie feels strongly that the prevalence of guns in our society poses an unacceptable risk to children’s safety, and necessitates strong anti-gun-violence legislation on the national level. 


Kenzie also supports robustly funding community-based programs and youth job opportunities to help disrupt cycles of violence. Too often, these programs are left begging for resources every summer, even though they do much of the most effective anti-violence work in the city.


The Opioid Crisis


Kenzie believes that the opioid crisis calls for a crisis-level response, and that our society has not yet stepped up with the resources we need to put people on the road to recovery. Having personally witnessed an near-fatal overdose on Berkeley St. near the beginning of her campaign, Kenzie has now been trained by the Boston Public Health Commission and carries NarCan while canvassing the city.


Kenzie will engage as a city councilor in advocacy on the state level for a true continuum of care, with enough treatment beds to actually help all those who are prepared to receive assistance. She supports the rebuilding of the bridge to Long Island and city investment in a recovery campus at that location.


At the city departmental level, Kenzie will advocate for widespread NarCan availability and training. She will also push for continued integration of healthcare expertise (in regard to both opioids and mental health) into the staff capacity of frontline city services, from the on-staff social worker at the Boston Public Library to the BPD’s BEST team of mental health professionals.


Kenzie is also in favor of the expansion of the mobile sharps team, and of proposed legislation to require Boston’s pharmacies to provide receptacles for safe disposal of sharps.


Mailing Address: c/o CTE Kenzie Bok, PO Box 140385, Charles St Station

Boston, MA 02114

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