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Neighborhood Services & Quality of Life 

Kenzie knows how much the daily routines of the city affect the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Because the city serves so many people and so many functions at once, it is especially important that basic services be seamless and well-attended to.



  • Opposes the move to 6AM trash pickup in our downtown neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods that lack trash bins have long organized to encourage residents to put trash out in the morning rather than the evenings, in order to cut down on rodent life, and this change stymies such efforts. Kenzie supports a later pick-up time for binless neighborhoods and continued pursuit of the collapsible bin pilot program. 

  • Is in favor of citywide composting pick-up, to make it easier to recycle organic waste.

  • Will advocate for a more routine plan for repairing brick sidewalks.

  • Will push for a more even distribution of parades and charity walks/runs to other parts of the city, rather than having these events be so concentrated at Boston Common and the Commonwealth Mall.

  • Will work with the city to install dog waste receptacles at key locations and plan for the timely removal of such waste.

  • Favors a more robust street-cleaning program, especially for smaller sidewalks that are often neglected.


Mailing Address: c/o CTE Kenzie Bok, PO Box 140385, Charles St Station

Boston, MA 02114

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